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5 Digital Maths Games You Can Play with Your Child.

Sometimes parents complain about the usage of technology with younger children and at the beginning, observations were done to find out if a child learned better with technology or not.

Fortunately or unfortunately, our times have changed and technology is considered in education terms as a “minimum core element” - meaning it is a subject as necessary in school as math, English and science. When it comes to teaching math, you've probably tried everything from breakfast quizzes to homework aids. But modern technology has introduced clever new ways to build skills. It's a digital math game for kids.

The pandemic has shifted our perspective on education, where the integration of computers is inevitable. One of the ways where you can work with your child in learning the use of the computer is through playing games together. All children, regardless of age, reach a stage where they no longer want to practise. Flashcards are getting boring, and worksheets are no longer helpful. But math doesn't have to be boring. Playing math games gives your child the chance to keep learning while having fun while improving their math skills with each game.

Here are some games that are useful for both learning math and computers, and also for the parents, especially, to overcome their fear of the gadget for your child.


Digital Math Games

1. Number of Bonds

Benefits: Addition, Problem Solving

Select a goal total between 10 and 20. Then place the number ball in the center and aim to shoot one of the balls circling around the track to create a target total. Repeat until all balls are gone!

Play here: Number of Bonds


2. Coin Weighing

Benefits: Comparison and Weighing

There are four ways to weigh the coins to determine which ones are fake. Children need to think carefully to solve mystery problems!

Play here: Coin Weighing


3. Candy Cashier

Benefits: Addition and Subtraction

Welcome to Monster Candy Shop! As each monster purchases a different product, children would have to add up the final cost and figure out how much change they are supposed to get.

Play here: Candy Cashier


4. Math Pac-Man

Benefits: Arithmetic Equations

Classic arcade game meets Math! You have to think fast to solve the equations and eat the right genie. In pairs, one student solves Pac-Man and the other makes Pac-Man move as fast as possible.

Play here: Math Man


5. Kangaroo Hop

Childrens do: Geometric Patterns

Jump from shape to shape faster than your opponent. Children need to know both 2D and 3D shapes to master them. How well do you know your shape? Name the shape and help the kangaroo cross the pond! Read the shape name at the bottom of the screen. Then click the correct shape above. The sooner you reply, the better. The first kangaroo to the end wins!

Play here: Kangaroo Hop


People of all ages love games that are fun and motivating. Games give children the opportunity to explore basic number concepts such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, and calculus. Exciting math games also help children to explore combinations of numbers, scales, patterns, and other important math concepts. Additionally, they provide opportunities for children to develop their mathematical understanding and reasoning.

How we help!

Mentalmatics offers lessons that incorporate Math with games just to help children’s learn, socialize and develop better self management skills. It’s a lot of fun to learn Math!

To find out more, make a reservation to talk to us from the link below!

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