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We are Mentalmatics™ , a mental arithmetic school which provides specialised training on 2-hand 4-finger abacus and mental arithmetic. We deliver a well-rounded curriculum in a supportive environment that enables children to fully develop their cognitive abilities. We facilitate each child’s development at his/her own pace and lead each child to discover his/her passion for numbers, and applying his/her mental arithmetic abilities to solve Mathematics problem-sums in school.

Through a distinctive Mentalmatics™ 2-4 System™ , we help our children develop strategies for using their mental arithmetic abilities to solve arithmetic sums and applying them to Mathematics problem-sum solving in school.

Who Are We?

History of Mentalmatics™

Parents who have researched into brain development know that the brain consists of both the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. A child’s creative right brain is very active from birth and becomes less and less dominant as he/she grows older, while the logical left brain becomes more and more dominant as the child grows older. As important as the left brain is for logical processing and analysis, the creative right brain cannot be neglected as it is important for visualisation, creativity and long-term memory. More often than not, we utilise our left brain much more as we need to think and analyse logically in different situations. As such, most of us will neglect our right brain as we grow older.

Our founders sent their children for whole-brain development courses when they were as young as 6 months old, however they realised that such courses shifted their emphasis towards left brain development as their children grow older. There is nothing wrong with this, however, it would have been ideal if equal emphasis was also placed on the development of the right brain.

With the primary objective of keeping older children’s right brain stimulated, our founders researched intensively and developed a programme which will not only help children of all ages analyse questions (left-brain development) and visualise the movement of beads (right-brain development), the side effect of such training will cause children to perform mental calculations with ease, speed and accuracy, thereby excelling in the Mental Sums segment in primary school.

With a greater usage of the right brain, traits such as the ability to adapt to change, ease of working in groups, ability to think out of the box and EQ are greatly enhanced. All these non-academic traits are important in a child’s working and professional life. No man is an island, and teamwork is important to complete tasks most efficiently. Development of the right brain, especially in older children, used to be so difficult to achieve. Not any more. We have developed a programme which can effectively stimulate both the left and right brain at the same time, from as young as 3 years old. 

History of Mentalmatics
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To help our children to be better prepared for tomorrow’s world of technology disruption.


To help our children maximise the potential of brain development through mental arithmetic and play.

Vision & Mission

How Are We Different?

"We teach children to apply mental arithmetic into problem-sum solving in school"

While it is important for children to learn skills that are not taught in school, we understand parents’ concerns of their children’s performance in school. Our programme integrates school problem-sum solving with mental arithmetic. Children will be taught how to apply the skills they acquired during the course of our programme to solve Mathematics problem-sums questions.

"We provide children with a fun and collaborative environment to learn"
Children learn better when they are enjoying and having fun. Our classes are conducted using songs and games which motivate them and keep their spirits high. Music is well-known for its function of speeding up learning processes which keep children motivated at all times. There are also formulae songs and multiplication songs to help children remember number bonds of 5 and number bonds of 10, and the multiplication table. This will serve them well in school as it gives younger children a head-start as compared to their peers.


"Online game app – practise at your own pace"
Practice makes perfect! Children can download our online game app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store and happily practise at their own time and pace for great rewards!

"We are a part of the Taiwan National Abacus Association"
We are internationally recognised! Our grading examinations are set according to the standards governed by the Taiwan National Abacus Association.

How Mentalmatis Work?

Mentalmatics™ is whole-brain development programme catered for children aged 3½ to 12 years old. By using the abacus, picture card, high-speed flash cards, music, songs and visualisation training, the left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain is stimulated all the time, leading to whole brain stimulation. We are successful in keeping the right brain continuously stimulated regardless of the age of the child, because this skill can be applied anywhere and at any time. The tendency for a child to use his/her right brain gets lower and lower with age due to the fact that he/she is exposed to the logical external environment, which further reinforces left-brain dominance. Mentalmatics™ enhances the creative right-brain activity of a child while maintaining its left-brain dominance.

  • Our ability-based curriculum means that each child learns and progresses at his/her own pace.

  • In order to give K2 children a head start in their Primary 1 Mathematics, our programme introduces the fundamental Maths concepts so children know how to apply such concepts when they progress to Primary 1.

  • Our lessons are engaging and the learning environment is lively and conducive. Children are encouraged to constantly do their best.

  • We have a game app which eligible existing students can download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This app encourages and rewards children to practise and improve even more while “playing”.

  • We are part of the Taiwan National Abacus Association and are internationally-recognised as a
    result. There are half-yearly grading examinations for children to assess their grading levels and progress.

  • We equip children with the important skill set of checking the answers in their Mathematics problem-sum solving questions with speed and accuracy.

  • We have produced students who have not only achieved academic excellence, but they have also progressed to be leaders in their respective schools

  • A child is trained to simultaneously use both his/her left and right hands in our programme. This means that both hemispheres of the brain are constantly stimulated.

  • Questions in our abacus arithmetic books are set in both vertical and horizontal formats, unlike questions in traditional abacus arithmetic books which are only set in vertical format. Children attempting our questions are required to perform the 4 mathematical operators horizontally and vertically, hence increasing their cognitive flexibility.

  • Our programme trains a child’s adaptability while faced with challenges, hence building his/her resilience and character.

Why Mentalmatics?

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

2-Hand 4-Finger System

Children use both hands to stir the beads of the abacus. Using the right hand stimulates the logical left brain while using the left

hand stimulates the creative right brain.

The child’s whole brain is stimulated!

Music &Songs

The rhythm of music and songs not only makes the lessons enjoyable and conducive for learning, it also helps in memory retention in a child, especially when he/she is learning the different formulae required the mental calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This enhances the long-term memory ability of a child.

High-Speed Flash Cards

Speed activates the right brain.

This will help enhance long-term

memory ability of a child.

Training of Fine Motor Skills

It takes a high level of focus, concentration and skill to stir the beads of the abacus, especially using both hands to do so. Fine motor skills, a form of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, is enhanced as a result.

Visualisation Training

Using mental arithmetic picture cards and exercises, children are trained to recognise the images fast and accurately, hence

helping them to visualise the numbers

represented by the images.

Online Game App

We have our very own online game app available on both iOS and Android. This enables children to practise and learn more at their own pace while they are having fun.

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