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Mentalmatics™ is a brain development programme which delivers a well-rounded curriculum in a supportive environment that enables children to fully develop their cognitive abilities.

We are internationally recognised! Our grading examinations are set according to the standards governed by the

Taiwan National Abacus Association.


Our programme is designed to stimulate children’s brain


Utilises 2-hand 4-finger abacus & mental arithmetic techniques to boost a child’s propensity for learning.


Equips pre-primary and primary school children with the skill sets of using the

4 mathematical operators

(+, -, x, ÷) to check answers with speed and accuracy.


Uses songs, music & games to enhance a child’s love for learning.

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Ian & Roan

Wong Ian (9YO) and
Wong Roan (6YO)


When I first enrolled my elder son Ian, he was not very sensitive to numbers. In just a few terms, I noticed that Ian had a tremendous improvement in his calculation for mathematics. Although the programme does not focus on traditional school mathematics-teaching methods, Ian is much more focused and quicker in terms of calculation, which is really important.

After observing improvements in Ian, I decided to enrol my younger son Roan. At the time of enrolment I did not expect much as Roan was much younger as compared to Ian. To my surprise, Roan could handle the problems and he is very focused in learning despite his age.

In my opinion, the programme is designed in a very fun and engaging way for young children. Mentalmatics manages to capture children’s interest and continue their learning journey without any stress. All the teachers have been extremely patient and accommodating while creating a very conducive learning environment. Thumbs up!

 - Juliana Tay,
Mother of Wong Ian and Wong Roan


Teo Jun Bin (10 YO),
Teo Shi Qi (8 YO) and
Teo Wan Qi (6YO


Prior to enrolling my children in Mentalmatics, they are not very focused while completing their given homework from school. Mathematics was one of the subjects that they do not have interest in. With that concern in mind, I decided to give Mentalmatics a try.

After a few terms, I can see that their focus and concentration skills have improved. On top of that, they are able to apply what they learn here in Mentalmatics to their school problem solving book. They are able to calculate the mathematics problems with ease.

Teachers are able to identify each of my children’s weakness and help guide and encourage them to practice more. With that encouragement and guidance my children are able to excel and improve.

 - Lee Wai Peng,
Mother of Teo Jun Bin, Teo Shi Qi and Teo Wan Qi


Xavier Teo Yu Xiang (7YO)


Xavier has shown great improvement in speed and calculation in mathematics sums. After quite a few sessions he has also developed more interest in numbers. Gaining confidence in the progress of learning in Mentalmatics, he can now attempt school work with no fear.

Teachers are able to identify individual child’s progress and teach them accordingly which helps children greatly in their learning. Instead of pressuring the children to learn at the same pace, teachers will ensure that every child learn at their most comfortable pace.

 - Brenda Lim,
Mother of Xavier Teo Yu Xiang


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We're expanding!

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