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The Appropriate Screen Time for Your Children

Children's exposure to screens is nearly unavoidable in today's digital world, from instructional to entertaining objectives. Screens have become an inseparable part of their life, yet the influence of excessive screen usage on cognitive development in young ones cannot be underestimated.

Ages 0-2

Children under the age of 2 years are advised to restrict their screen time, except for video conversations. It is critical to offer quality media to children between 18 and 24 months. Parents should actively engage with them, developing dialogue and discussing what they see on screen. This interactive technique aids in the development of good screen habits.

Ages 2-5

Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years can gradually increase their screen usage, with a recommended daily limit of one hour. Parents are crucial in choosing their children's age-appropriate, educational, participatory and nonviolent programmes. This hour has the potential to be both entertaining and educational.

Ages 5-8

As young ones progress into the 5- to 8-year-old age range, their communication abilities blossom, and their social circles expand. Parents must monitor their children's media use during this phase to ensure it is manageable for their core interests. It is also vital to consider the nature of the content with which they are exposed to. Parents should choose media options that are both safe and beneficial for their children's developmental stage. For children in this age bracket, setting a daily limit of 2 hours for screen time is advisable. Striking a harmonious equilibrium between screen-based activities and real-world experiences is a cornerstone for fostering holistic growth.

Engage and Educate

It is not just about setting limits but about engaging and educating our children about responsible screen time use. Encourage discussions about what they watch and guide them toward age-appropriate content. In doing so, we protect their cognitive development and nurture their critical thinking skills.

The impact of screen time on cognitive abilities in children is undeniable. With careful management and age-appropriate choices, we can harness the benefits of technology while safeguarding their mental development.

How We Can Help

Mentalmatics utilises a curriculum that stimulates the growth of children's thinking. We use a mix of digital and non-digital learning aids to teach children concepts and practise their questions, making learning fun and enjoyable while increasing their focus, concentration and memory retention.

To find out more, make a reservation to talk to us from the link below!

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