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Four Simple Steps to Find Your Child's Interests

Every child is unique and has his/her own set of interests that need nurturing. Understanding your child's development is vital for parents in providing him/her with the right opportunities.

Here are simple steps to help you support your child's interests and boost their development.

Step 1: Observe Your Children's Behaviour

We all know children have different preferences and skills. Some excel in sports while others enjoy reading. Observing their behaviour and identifying their interests is essential to enhance children's development. Also, keep a close eye on their learning style.

Do they prefer visual aids or hands-on activities?

Knowing a child's learning style can help you provide him/her with the right environment to learn and grow.

Step 2: Encourage Exploration

Creating a stimulating environment for children is important. Make sure there are plenty of learning aids that encourage learning through play. Focus on imaginative play and educational toys to help cultivate their natural curiosity. Please encourage your child to explore his or her surroundings and try new things.

Children learn through play, so allow them plenty of unstructured time to explore and learn on their terms. Remember, exploration and playtime should be fun and enjoyable for children while providing valuable learning opportunities.

Step 3: Introduce Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

Introducing a child to an abacus and mental arithmetic at an early age is essential. It helps enhance his/her cognitive abilities, such as focus, concentration and memory retention. The benefits of learning abacus and mental arithmetic go beyond just improving math skills.

Abacus classes are widely available. You can enrol your child in one of these classes to develop their visualization skills and increase his/her sensitivity to numbers. Make sure to choose a reputable school with experienced teachers, and that the school trains children to stir the abacus with both the left and right hands, so both hemispheres of the brain are simultaneously stimulated. To find a suitable class, ask for recommendations from other parents or conduct research online.

Step 4: Cultivate Your Children's Interest

You have observed your child's interest, encouraged exploration and introduced abacus and mental arithmetic. Now, it is time to cultivate their interest. However, who says learning cannot be fun?

Learning while having fun is the best way to nurture children's natural talents. Explore engagingly-fun ways such as games, quizzes, puzzles and riddles to keep children interested. Tap into their creativity by challenging them to create stories, artwork or role-play.

Understanding children's interests, providing a conducive learning environment, introducing mental arithmetic and abacus and nurturing their talents is key to enhancing their development. Sign them up for abacus classes and make learning fun. Every child is unique, and observing and giving your child the necessary foundation to reach his/her potential is important.

How we can help!

Mentalmatics, which involves using an abacus as a tool to develop mental arithmetic abilities, can significantly help enhance a child's cognitive abilities such as focus, concentration, memory retention and improving their math skills. Mentalmatics classes have shown to be effective in stimulating the brain's neural pathways. Introducing children to Mentalmatics during their early formative years is essential to reap its benefits for their entire lifetime.

To find out more, make a reservation to talk to us from the link below!

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