Keryn Lam (5YO),

with her Parents


Keryn has been attending Mentalmatics for the past 2 months. Initially, she was not able to focus and had very short attention span. After attending Mentalmatics, Keryn has been more focused and attention span has been lengthened at least 3 times of the amount of time she used to be. She was able to complete more tasks and concentration level has greatly improved.


Apart from all these, most of the assessment given by the school was close to 100% accuracy for all the sums with minimum parent assistance and within very short period of time (i.e. less than 20 minutes). She portrayed more confidence in doing her work. Teachers in class are all very friendly and greatly encourages all the kids to go to the next level if they are ready. I am really very impressed by Keryn's progression and she has been looking forward to class every week. Would highly recommend the class to everyone.

 - Jean Tan, Mother of Keryn Lam

Daryl Ng (7YO),

with his Parents


Daryl has been a very active child. He had been feedbacked by his kindergarten teachers that he was not attentive in class and not able to focus in class. He had attended Mentalmatics since January 2018 and we have observed an improvement in his length of attentiveness in his learning sessions. He is also looking forward to his weekly class in Mentalmatics as teacher is able to make the class interesting and encouraging, with little toys awarded to the child with every completed reward card.

I like this programme because it was able to interest my child who has not been interested in any educational enrichment programme. It has an encouraging method to engage children in learning process and reward children with a token of a small gift.

 - Lee Jacqueline, Mother of Daryl Ng

Pok Chin Ru (11YO)

Pok Chin Rong (7YO),

with their Parents


Thanks to Mentalmatics,

my children are able to calculate

with speed and accuracy. Besides,

it also teaches them how to apply

mental arithmetic in computation for school/MOE syllabus.

 - Cindy Chong,

Mother of Chin Ru & Chin Rong

Ng Sing Yu (13YO),

with her Mother and Sister


Sing Yu was showing no interest in Math. However, through Mentalmatics programme, she gained confidence by learning how to speed count. You can see from her face, a sense of satisfaction, the look that she tells you, “I’m proud that I can calculate fast”. To me, she isn’t just fast, but just like those amazing children that you see on TV, she just moves her thumb and fingers, the answers will be out!

I felt that Mentalmatics programme is progressive and modular. Especially their reward system, it encourages children to work for their favourite gift. It is an amazing goal-setting system.

 - Adeline Tan, Mother of Sing Yu

Ng Sze Hwee (11YO),

with her Father


After joining the programme, Sze Hwee has a better concept in calculations which helps her in her school Mathematics questions.

I like this programme because it is conducted in a conducive environment by patient teachers. Teachers will go the extra mile to give extra classes for those areas that she is weak in.

 - Michael Ng, Father of Sze Hwee

Ng Yu Sen (9YO)

Ng Yu Tang (6YO),

with their Mother


Mentalmatics provides a fun environment for children to learn. There is less homework for my child to bring home as they complete most of them during the class and they provide practice that is closer to MOE syllabus.

I believe that children should start this programme during their early childhood as it can train children to have a good sense of numbers. Furthermore, children are trained to stay focus throughout the programme, making them able to do mental calculations with speed and accuracy.

 - Yuki Kee,

Mother of Yu Sen & Yu Tang

Tay Yu Xuan (5YO),

with her Mother


Ever since she started Mentalmatics,

I can see her improvement in calculation.

This programme has helped her to develop her brain as mental arithmetic stimulate both her left and right brain.

 - Yip Mei Kuan, Mother of Yu Xuan

Lim Jiaqi  (8YO),

Lim Jiajie (5YO)


After learning abacus, they are able to stay focused better. They are able to calculate big numbers quickly with accuracy and the exposure of abacus and mental arithmetic was able to boost their confidence in

solving Mathematics at school.

The reward system gave children an incentive to finish their work quickly in exchange for prizes. The colourful pictures on assessment book covers are interesting and able to motivate children to learn.

 - Sarah Lim, Mother ofJiaqi & Jiajie

Teo Che Wee (3YO),

Teo Cheng Leng (6YO)


My children are able to focus and be disciplined at the study table when they are completing their homework. It is amazing to see how they are able to do abacus and mental arithmetic at a preschool age. My younger son was able to calculate simple sums after 1 term and my elder daughter could work on multiplication and division after attending the programme for a few terms.

The programme is easy to facilitate at home and the amount of homework is reasonable to continue to drive their interest. It helps to develop the child’s brain on calculation and analysis. It also helps to develop their memory. There is a reward scheme which also helps to motivate them to push themselves for speed and excellence.

 - Jaime Goh,

Mother of Cheng Leng & Che Wee

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