We teach children to apply mental arithmetic into problem-sum solving in school


While it is important for children to learn skills that are not taught in school, we understand parents’ concerns of their children’s performance in school. Our programme integrates school problem-sum solving with mental arithmetic. Children will be taught how to apply the skills they acquired during the course of our programme to solve Mathematics problem-sums questions.

We provide children with a fun and collaborative environment to learn

Children learn better when they are enjoying and having fun. Our classes are conducted using songs and games which motivate them and keep their spirits high. Music is well-known for its function of speeding up learning processes which keep children motivated at all times. There are also formulae songs and multiplication songs to help children remember number bonds of 5 and number bonds of 10, and the multiplication table. This will serve them well in school as it gives younger children a head-start as compared to their peers.

We also have our very own game available on both iOS and Android. This enables children to practise and learn more while they are having fun.

We are a part of the Taiwan National Abacus Association

We are internationally recognized! Our grading examinations are set according to the standards governed by the Taiwan National Abacus Association.